Discovery-Driven Growth

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Salvation Army

Congratulations on a great book.  I serve with The Salvation Army and am responsible for The Salvation Army’s continued response to Hurricane Katrina.  As such I have had to review, develop, and implement many programs with wonderful community partners.  ...DDP is a powerful tool that should be used in the not for profit community.  ...I believe that a DDP for not for profits would be popular.  Usually the creative passion is there, but too often the creative to business solution process is lacking.  Thank you again for this wonderful tool.  I will be using it in our continued significant program development.

Captain Ethan Frizzell
Salvation Army Area Commander

New Strategy, New Execution Challenges

DuPont has successfully implemented discovery-driven growth, as discussed in its article, Growth Strategy Accelerator, which you are welcome to read and download.

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Strategic Assumptions Prioritization

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. prioritizes a business development opportunity’s strategic assumptions to create learning-based milestones that scale investments to match reductions in the uncertainty of the opportunity’s financial value.  For a comprehensive insight into Air Products’ successful application of Discovery-Driven Growth principles, you are welcome to read and download the entire article.

Update:  Has the course [Discovery Driven Growth] been helpful, you bet!! In terms of mind-set and ‘thinking different’, driving forward our business then we are most definitely on the right track. The business I manage has seen a marked improvement in results/performance. From since we met, we’ve had a record FY08 (1st Oct 2007 to 30th Sept 2008), up 64% versus prior year, and a record Q1 in FY09 (1st Oct 2008 to 31st Dec 2008) in terms of driving our new business.

Many of these things aren’t about what we have, but what our customers value and desire - and how we position ourselves to this need. I’ve seen a shift in mind-set and approach from my team, and we seeing the benefit. Actually, my boss, the Director of marketing and commercial technology asked me why my business is doing so well, in spite of the economic environment. As you’d expect, it’s a long and complex answer, but one where application of training and a change in mind set has helped considerably!

Mike Hevey, Air Products


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