Discovery-Driven Growth
About the Book

Even in the best of times, most companies struggle to gain traction in their growth initiatives.  Today the world is full of uncertainties.  Many companies have become risk-averse.  Others must dig their way out of a downturn.  Growth is even more elusive than before – yet more necessary than ever. 

How can you achieve truly dynamic growth, without risking an expensive gamble?  By adopting a practical, organic “discovery driven” approach to innovation. 

In Discovery-Driven Growth, authors and longtime consultants Rita McGrath and Ian MacMillan show how you can plan and pursue an aggressive growth agenda with confidence.  You’ll learn how to reframe your strategic opportunities, test each project assumption against a series of specific checkpoints, and act on evidence and learning.  You’ll control your costs more effectively, minimize surprises, and know when to disengage from questionable projects before it’s too late.  Quite simply, McGrath and MacMillan provide the road-tested plans that you need – regardless of industry or location – to ensure maximum success with your new initiatives. 

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